Do You Have Income, Good Credit, or Money?

Pamela Madore
Pamela Madore Mortgage

Do You Have Income, Good Credit, or Money?

My career spans more than 30 years helping people buy or sell their home or refinance to maybe take some cash out or just to get a lower rate.

Over the last several years I have acted mostly as an Awesome Realtor.  I decided, however, recently that there are many people that aren’t buying a house because they can ‘t qualify for a mortgage.

There are several lending institutions in Amarillo that do a fantastic job helping people get a mortgage for their dream home.   Unfortunately, they are limited on what programs they are able to offer.

Being a Mortgage Broker has it’s distinct advantages.  If you come to me and tell me your situation, I can then go find a lender on your behalf that has a mortgage program to fit your needs.  Here are a couple of interesting ones that I have right now.  This is surely not nearly the extent of what I can do.


    • ITIN program for those with no social security numbers

    • No income verification loans for “fix and flip”

    • Bank statement only program for those that write everything off on their taxes

  • 1% down mortgage


You notice the title of this blog?  Income, Good Credit or Money.  My experience has been that you need two of the three in order to get a mortgage.  That holds true on pretty much everything.  
    • Money

    • Credit

  • Income
The thing is that traditional mortgages ask for all three most of the time.  I have some very nontraditional financing programs.
Check us out.



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